Reversal changes Bomber victory to tie

From Herald Staff Reports

The Ohio Valley League executive committee has reversed its previous decision to award the Dubois County Bombers a 9-0 forfeit win after Saturday’s game against Hoptown in Huntingburg was interrupted by a dugout-clearing brawl.

Instead, the game will be recorded as 7-all tie — the score when the game was stopped in the 11th inning — and will be recorded for statistical purposes as a half-game win and a half-game loss for each team.


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The OVL ruled that the original verdict to give the Bombers a victory was incorrect because of the umpires’ misinterpretation of league rules.

A statement posted on the Ohio Valley League website said that the OVL executive committee “took definitive action necessary to overcome the less-than-stellar umpiring job that occurred in Huntingburg.” The statement added that “fairness and maturity combined with experience and common-sense judgment prevailed in settling differences created by one bad umpiring decision and compounded by another one.”

Playing rights were restored to players on both teams who were originally ejected; they will not be suspended any additional games. Hoptown’s forfeit loss on Sunday against Fulton has also been withdrawn and a possible makeup game may be held Wednesday.

The Bombers (19 1/2-20 1/2) are still scheduled to host Madisonville (9-30) at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the first round of the OVL playoffs, with the winner hosting top-seeded Owensboro (27-13) on Thursday in the first game of a best-of-three series.

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