Residents deserve a voice in corridor project

To the editor:

In response to the recent letter (The Herald, July 1) from the mayors regarding the Mid-States Corridor, I agree both Jasper and Huntingburg are great communities to live and work with quality education, healthcare, culture and recreation facilities. That is why I want to keep it that way.

I am not opposed to progress and have always been an advocate of positive change, but the Mid-States Corridor is not the right project and will result in more negative impact versus positive.

A major study conducted by the University of Texas at Austin titled “The Impacts of Bypasses on Small- and Medium-Sized Communities: An Econometric Analysis,” suggest that bypassed cities suffered a loss per capita sales in all four industrial sectors (total retail, gas stations, eating and drinking establishments and service industires). The magnitude of the traffic volume diverted appeared to be the greatest detriment of the impact.”

There are better avenues to focus efforts and dollars that can enrich and grow our communities promoting what we have to offer as an attractive place to work and live.

The residents of Dubois County deserve a voice in this proposed project and should have been allowed to give input before a couple business leaders and politicians pushed this study through. Even the survey the study group shared did not include an option for no highway.

As political leaders representing us citizens, you have the responsibility to seek input from residents on a major project that will change the lives of so many and not be influenced by a couple businessmen with self-interests.

—Mark Nowotarski

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