Residents concerned about abandoned schools

By The Associated Press

GARY — The school district in Gary has failed to properly secure all of its abandoned school buildings, causing some residents to worry that it's leaving the door wide open for crime, according to a published report.

S everal victim's bodies have been found in the last few years in abandoned Gary structures and properties of shuttered school buildings, according to the Northwest Indiana Times.

Emergency Manager of the Gary Community School Corporation, Pete Morikis, said the district is currently faced with the challenge of continual vandalism, but are doing their best to continue to secure and board up schools.

Gary City Council President Ron Brewer said the district is likely overwhelmed by the city's high volume of abandoned structures.

“The way the schools closed, it was in such a disorderly fashion and with no future plans,” Brewer said. “We just started closing schools and accumulating buildings.”

In the last year, the district put 33 school buildings up for sale and has only received six bids.

Asking prices ranged as low as $39,300 for undeveloped land to as high as $5.85 million for a shuttered school building.

Brewer said the asking prices are “unrealistic” and hopes the district relists the schools at a “more humble” starting bid.

“The quicker these schools sell, the less money the district will have to throw at the shuttered buildings to secure them,” Brewer said.

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