Residents asked to complete sewer survey

By Herald Staff

Dubois County residents are being ask to complete a survey pertaining to sanitary sewer infrastructure improvements in the county.

The survey can be found online at For those who would like a paper copy of the survey, contact the Dubois County Auditor’s Office, 812-481-7000.

Responses to the survey will be used to help identify service areas, assess sanitary sewer service demand and prioritize future infrastructure improvements.

County officials have been working on plans to create a regional sewer district to help get services to unserved areas in the county. The district will not be a sewer treatment facility. It will likely be a collection system with the treatment being done at already existing sewer treatment plants. Inter-local agreements would be established between the regional district and the existing plants.

Clark Dietz is conducting a study to look at the district’s configuration in the county, the costs for installing one and funding options, including loans and grants.

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