Residents asked to chime in on vision, goals


HUNTINGBURG — The City of Huntingburg is asking for feedback on draft statements that can become part of Huntingburg’s updated comprehensive plan.

Next week, an online survey will be available that will include draft goals, action steps for each and a draft vision statement that have been developed for the plan so far.

The information was displayed Wednesday at an open house at Old Town Hall. The vision statement and goals were created from the suggestions that came from the last open house for the plan, held in June.

“We combined all the things we heard into this vision statement and goals,” said Haley James, community planner for Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group. “We got that to the steering committee to vet. So all of this is organized from all the ideas we heard.”

Taylor Siefker is the consultant facilitating and creating the plan.

The draft vision statement proposed for the comprehensive plan is “Huntingburg — A City Like No Other — is a welcoming, diverse, and connected community that is a prime location for cultural and recreational amenities, destinations and opportunities, a place people are proud to call HOME.”

Those at the open house were asked to write on a sticky note their feedback on the statement.

Eight suggested goals were developed under four sections. Under land use and housing, the goals are “Ensure redevelopment, new construction, and industrial growth is compatible with the long-term vision of the community” and “Diversify and expand the existing housing stock.”

Under transportation and utilities: “Increase accessibility and connectivity to destinations both locally and regionally” and “Invest in long-term infrastructure improvements that support high-quality service and growth.”

The goals listed for economic development and tourism are: “Create an environment in Huntingburg that facilitates the success of small and large businesses and investment” and “Continue to leverage Huntingburg as a prime destination.”

And under quality of life: “Increase access to exceptional parks, community facilities, and amenities in Huntingburg” and “Increase and support diverse cultures, activities and programming for all ages and interests.”

The people who came to Wednesday’s open house were asked place a green sticker next to the goals they agree with and a red sticker next to the ones they do not. Subsequent boards gave breakdowns and action steps for each goal. People could add their comments to those as well.

There was also space to give comments about what they felt was missing from the information they saw, things that should be included in the plan.

The information from the open house will be compiled and given to the steering committee in January, James said. The committee will create a draft of the updated comprehensive plan, which will be shown to the public for more comments once it is done.

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