Reserve officers to bolster department


FERDINAND — The Ferdinand Police Department is about to almost double in size.

Police Chief Lloyd Froman is set to hire six new reserve police officers, increasing his reserve forces to eight officers and bolstering the seven full-time officers on the force.

Reserve officers volunteer their time to help the police department by patrolling the roads with a full-time officer, investigating accidents, enforcing traffic laws and working traffic control.

“They are definitely a plus,” Froman said.

The Ferdinand Police Department has had reserve officers on staff since the 1980s, and Froman said it’s common for departments to have a reserve force to assist the full-time officers as they handle criminal situations. In the case of an arrest, for example, the full-time officer would handle the arrest, but the reserve officer would be able to assist.

Unlike full-time officers, the reserve offices do not attend the law enforcement academy. Still, they undergo hours of training, starting with a 40-hour pre-basic class. After that class, reserve officers have an additional 160 hours of training with officers where they ride along with full-time officers to learn the ropes. The last step in the training is for the reserve officers to ride along with Froman who evaluates them. Once they’re approved, the reserve officers will patrol the roads alongside the full-time officers.

“They’re a big help,” Froman said. “They bolster our patrols.”

All six of the current applicants have experience with criminal justice in some way, Froman said. One is graduating college and has an interest in a law enforcement career, three are corrections officers with the state, one is a county corrections officer and one has worked in law enforcement in the past.

In the past, the Ferdinand Police Department has staffed seven reserve officers, however, recently only two have been on staff. Froman said all six current applicants would be good assets for the department, so he asked the Ferdinand Town Council to increase the number. The council approved the request at its special meeting last week.

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