Republicans struggle to engage residents on local issues

To the editor:

On Saturday, Oct. 24, a rally was held on the Jasper Square that some would have you believe was simply a pro-life rally. And while much time was spent on the topic, rest assured, it was simply a Republican rally.

Why else would they have only invited their officeholders and only their candidates to speak while being less than 100 feet from the county’s busiest voting location?

I am sure local Republican leadership would also have you believe that this rally was needed because Democrats also recently held a rally on the Square.

That rally would be the “No Mid-States Corridor” rally held at the end of September. That rally invited local candidates from all parties to speak; including Mark Messmer and Shane Lindauer. That rally was not a partisan event. For that rally, Republicans failed to participate.

Evidently, local Republican politicians are struggling to find any local issues they are willing to discuss openly with local residents. So much so, they can think of only one issue they will speak publicly about to rally votes ... and having done so, they will go back to not engaging local residents on any other issues.

It is a shame that a National Republican Party attitude has so thoroughly infected our local Republican party that they cannot be bothered to discuss with us the Dubois County issues they can most directly affect. Call it just another #RepublicansFailToParticipate moment.

— Joseph Huddleston

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