Report of second-story smoke actually a grill

From Local Sources

JASPER — A Tuesday afternoon report of a possible residential fire turned out to involve outdoor grilling.

A passing motorist reported possible smoke coming from the second floor of a residence near 16th and Newton streets at 4:31 p.m., according to Fire Chief Kenny Hochgesang.

Firefighters determined the smoke was coming from grilling activity.

Two trucks and 16 firefighters were out six minutes before being told they could disregard.

Then, at 1:02 a.m. today, the department was notified of an alarm activation at the Memorial Southside Office, 1100 W. 12th Ave.

There was no fire. Instead, Hochgesang said, firefighters found a faulty detector that was removed and cleaned so that the system could successfully be reset.

Four trucks and 18 firefighters were on the scene 20 minutes.

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