Relay adventures set for Herbstfest

HUNTINGBURG — A Kid’s Place will sponsor the first relay adventures for ages 6 months to 5 during the Herbstfest, which will take place Thursday through Sunday, Sept. 27 to 30.

Categories for the relay are:

• Ages 6 to 12 months: Crawl or walk 6 feet.

• Ages 13 to 18 months: Crawl or walk obstacle course.

• Ages 19 to 24 months: Crawl through tunnel, throw item in basket and step over finish line.

• Ages 2 to 3 years: Bean bag toss and walk zig zag line.

• Ages 3 to 4 years: Tricycle race.

• Age 5: Maneuver through cones on a sit scooter, hula hoop and bounce over finish line.

Cost is $10 per child. Registration ends Sept. 24.

Forms may be printed off of



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