Reds to play this weekend with restrictions

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Bo Daves and the Jasper Reds are set to be back in action Saturday and Sunday at League Stadium in Huntingburg.


The Jasper Reds are coming back, but they aren’t necessarily coming back to the way things were.

Team business manager Bob Alles told The Herald on Monday that the organization is being mindful of things as the COVID-19 pandemic persists, and restrictions are being implemented as a result for the games this Saturday and Sunday.

The games are closed to the general public, though family members of the players are permitted inside. There is a cap of 250 people to be allowed inside Huntingburg’s League Stadium, with players, coaches and media counting toward that 250.

“We want people to understand they’re at their own risk if they’re coming,” Alles said.

Bathrooms will not be in use at the games, nor will the concession stand be open. Patrons will have to leave League Stadium to use the bathroom, and then they will be readmitted upon showing a number they are provided when admitted. Fans must bring in their own concessions, though alcohol is prohibited.

Alles noted the players will have bats sanitized to the barrel. Players and their equipment bags must be six feet apart, and the current plan is to have them positioned down the right field line. The batter will be at the batter’s box, behind him will be the batter in the on-deck circle, and the player in the hole will be in the dugout.

There will not be a full team in the dugout, and those in attendance are asked to socially distance.

Herald archives
Restricting attendance to family up to 250 is one of the most obvious changes that will be in place when the Jasper Reds open their season this weekend at League Stadium in Huntingburg.

“The biggest concern is we hope that somebody doesn’t get it,” he said. “But we can’t guarantee that, and the other thing is it’s really hard to prove — whether you got it coming to our game, or you got it at a store or restaurant, whatever. As far as I know — the  limited knowledge I have ­— there’s no real way to prove where you got it.

“So, I worry that somebody’s going to get it, and that’s why we’re stressing, ‘Your participation, whatever you’re doing here, is completely voluntary, and you’re acknowledging that you’re taking a risk by doing this,’” Alles continued. “I hope to God that doesn’t happen, but we in no way can ensure that it will not.”

The first game is scheduled for 1 p.m. Saturday in a doubleheader against the Hoosier Townball Association. Both games on Saturday will be seven innings. The team will then have a nine-inning game at 11:30 a.m. Sunday against the Louisville Cubs. That game must end by 2:30 p.m. due to the ongoing Collegiate Sandlot Series.

Alles said the Reds are trying to get more games scheduled, but nothing past Sunday was official when he spoke to The Herald on Monday.

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