Red Cross needing blood drive volunteers

From Local Sources

The American Red Cross is needing volunteers to help at blood drives in Dubois County.

Eric Hardin, the Red Cross’ donor recruitment representative for the county, said most of the organization’s volunteers are at an age where they are considered high risk for COVID-19.

“They’re unfortunately not able to help until further notice,” Hardin said. “We miss them a lot.”

The Red Cross is needing volunteers to serve as donor screeners and donor ambassadors.

Donor screeners perform temperature checks on donors, check them in on the computers and keep everything organized. Donor ambassadors monitor a blood drive’s canteen area, which is where donors go to rest and have a snack after they give blood. The ambassadors help pass out the snacks and are there to ensure the donors’ safety after donation.

Hardin said the hope is that the Red Cross can build a pool of volunteers who they can call to help when needed. The volunteers work entire blood drives, which typically last four to five hours.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, contact Hardin at 812-455-5436.

He said the Red Cross has implemented several procedures to ensure everyone’s safety at blood drives. Temperature checks are performed on all donors, everything is wiped down often and everyone at a blood drive is required to wear a mask.

He added that recent blood drives have seen a big response, due to the organization also testing donors for COVID-19 antibodies. He said every blood drive in the county through the end of July is full.

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