Real Estate Transfers: 8/4

Bonnie K Schmett to Mitchell S Steinkamp 2.852 acr part of SE NW 33 2S 5W with exceptions and easement. 

Donovan C Pennington and Joan L Pennington to Albert A Daniels Jr 29.5 acr SE SE 17 1N 3W with exception.

Robbie St Clair and Karen St Clair to Jason L St Clair part of SW NE 3 3S 3W; part of NW SE 3 3S 3W; containing 3.01 acres. 

James V Schmitt and Evonne C Schmitt to G Scott King and Teresa L King 40.53 acr part of SW 6 3S 3W, S ½ with right to 30 feet ingress and egress easement; part of NW 7 3S 3W, N ½ with right to 30 foot ingress and egress easement. 

Tyler L Lechner and Jessica Ann Lechner to Tyler L Lechner 0.6 acr part of NW 3 2S 5W, N ½.

Donald J Loepker and Rose A Loepker to Joseph William Buechlein 12 acr SW NE 21 2S 3W; 1.31 acr part of NW NE 21 2S 3W.

Randall L Thewes and Constance Elaine Thewes to Dylan John Lorey and Erica Lynn Lorey part of NE NE 35 1S 3W; part of NW NW 36 1S 3W; containing 12.97 acres.

Ryan T Hembree to Natalie J Schwartz, Levi L Schwartz, and Hunter K Schwartz 5 acr SW SW 35 1S 3W, S ½ of the W ½ of the N ½. 

Sheila L Buechler, Jayme K McComas, and Gloria I Buechler to Earl L Branham and Kathryn Branham 0.54 acr apart of SE SE 27 1S 5W with easement. 

Blake W Stetter to Luke W Stetter 0.46 acr part of SW SE 4 3S 5W.

Adam J Vaal and Stacie R Vaal to Kyle L Kiefer lot 4 Kundeck’s First Addition.

Paula K Tinker Eyman to Anthony J Egler and Vin J Whitman lot 2 part Sermersheims Subdivision.

Sarah J (Bradley) Helms to Christopher J Nelson and Stephanie S Nelson lot 5 Brookstone Estates.

SPM Development Inc and Reinbrecht Homes to Jonathan L Marshall and Brianne Marshall lot 3 Henry Wagner's Addition. 

Lindsey G (Glass) Clark and Christopher L Clark to Alexandra T Schwartz part of NW 14 1N 3W, N ½.

Rumbach Realty LP to Sultans Holdings LLC lot 38 part Jasper OT also part of a vacated alley north of said lot 38; lot 36 part Jasper OT; lot 37 Jasper OT, S ½ previously described as lot no 37 in McCrillus Addition; lot 38 part Jasper OT.

Chris G Weyer, Kurt D Weyer, and Bernice C Weyer (deceased) to Andrew Michael Pund 4 acr part of SW NW 26 3S 4W with exemption. 

T&C Ahrens LLC to Alexander J Hilger lot 100 Terrace Heights Addition.

Brandi C Weyer to Kurt Eckert lot 27 Keystone Crossing II. 

Brenda S Kunkel to Alan L Kunkel SE 10 1S 4W, N ½; 69.6 acr part of NE SW 10 1S 4W; 22.5 acr SW SE 10 1S 4W; 62.23 acr part of SW 11 1S 4W with exception; 40 acr SE NE 10 1S 4W; 30 acr part of SW NW 10 1S 4W; 54.375 acr part of NW 11 1S 4W, S ½.

Hazel A Leinenbach to Bradley S Leinenbach 3.21 acr part of NW 27 3S 4W.

Edna M Norman (deceased) to William O Spencer 39 acr NE NE 15 3S 3W with exception; 15 acr NW NW 14 3S 3W with end with exception; 7 acr part of NW NW 15 3S 3W with exceptions. 

James L Toby (deceased) to Henrietta B Toby 0.72 acr part of SE 34 2S 5W, E ½ with right of ingress and egress; 0.31 acr part of SE 34 2S 5W, E ½ with right of ingress and egress.

Kay L (Marshall) Katterhenry Life Estate to Amber R Enlow and Jennifer L Jamniczky lot 2 Henry Eckerts Place; lot 1 Henry Eckerts Place with exception.

Dennis J Hopf, Steven Hopf, and Bernard C Hopf (deceased) to Yanay Varela Varela lot 13 Joseph Hasenours Fourth Addition.

Linus O Jahn and Linus O Jahn Revocable Trust to Pilgrim Apartments LLC 0.11 acr part of SW NE 1 2S 5W; 1.05 acr part of SW NE 1 2S 5W; 0.34 acr part of SW NE 1 2S 5W.

George W Rasche to timothy J Rasche and Madonna J Rasche 2.408 acr part of NE 4 1S 4W, W ½.

George W Rasche to Briare J Reuber and Jeffrey T Reuber 53.367 acr part of NE 4 1S 4W, W ½.

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