Real Estate Transfers: 8/11

Vicky S Mehringer to Korri J Shoemaker and Michael E Shoemaker lot 3 and 4 Buechlers Countrywood Estates First Addition.

Kevin D Crouse to Case J Eisenhut 16.219 acr part of NE 31 1N 4W with exemption.

Kevin D Crouse to Marvin Gene Eisenhut Jr and Kathy A Eisenhut 1.825 acr part of NE 31 1N 4W with exemption.

Leroy J Jerger and Darlene M Jerger to Patrick E Brewer lot 33 part Richard F Milburns Addition.

Casey P Van Winkle to Nathanael R Hubler lot 33 part Wagners Addition. 

Katherine Tate (Fenton) Spond to Katherine Tate Spond lot 25 and 26 Realty Park Addition; lot 26 part Kundecks Second Addition; lot 27 part Kundecks Second Addition.

Scott L Gudorf and Christine A Gudorf to Deyli N Trinidad lot 213 Badendorf V.

Jason A Elshoff to Rainbow Acres LLC 30 acr part of 18 3S 5W, S ½ with existing easement and exception.

Keith Kreilein to Grant J Schitter lot 9 Flick & Schneider’s Subdivision, of Maurice De St Palais third addition lots 39 and 40.

Gerald Ralph Schnell and Beverly Schnell to Kyle Jacob Knies 0.47 acr part of NE NE 7 2S 4W.

Craig A Knies and Janel R Knies to Andrew J Reyling lot 7 Catherine Estates.

J Michael Gore and Joyce K Gore to Michael S Howard 0.36 acr part of SW SW 27 1S 5W.

Jon E Howard, Christina M Howard, Luke R Howard to Mariah I Storer and Johnathen B Storer lot 115 part Celestine.

Kevin D Crouse to Nicholas L Goller 15 acr part of NE 31 1N 4W.

Stephanie R Garrett to Gary W Fickas Jr 4.24 acr part of NE SE 9 3S 5W.

Jason Thomas Eckerle, Thomas N Eckerle, Thaddeus Michael Eckerle, Jessica Ann (Eckerle) Sheely, Audra Jean Eckerle, William H Kelsey, Mary Jean Kelsey, and Kelsey Family Living Trust U/A to Tim Moffatt and Bill J Moffatt NE NE 17 1N 3W; NE 17 1N 3W, W ½; containing 120 acres.

Phillip D Kahle and Cori Ann Schwenk Kahle to Emily Uebelhor lot 66 Green Meadow Estates Sixth Addition. 

Vicki S Hill to Alexander B Hill lot 18 part Kundeck Second Addition.

Stacy L Bromm to Stacy L Knust lot 32 RJ Hochgesang Addition. 

Betty Roesner to Jon A Wibbeler and Betty R Wibbeler 1 acr part of 36 3S 6W.

James L Roesner to Donna R Roesner 20 acr SW SE 34 3S 6W, W ½; 20 acr NW SE 34 3S 6W, W ½; 17.9 acr SW NE 34 3S 6W, W ½ with exception.

Alexander B Hill to Alexander B Hill and Bailey Michelle Dant lot 18 part Kundeck Second Addition.

 Dona Hardesty Hayden and Irma H Hardesty to Dona Hardesty Hayden lot 161 St Marks with exception; lot 162 St Marks with exception; lot 163 St Marks with exception; also ½ the alley adjacent to the south of said lots.

Kerstiens Homes & Designs to Philip A Knies and Marcia L Knies lot 4 block 904 Autumn Creek.

Craig T Simmons to Adam Pfau lot 10 Northside Park Subdivision.

Chance T Mullins and Kasey R Mullins to Jorge Rodriguez lot 58 Krampe’s Addition. 

Kraig J Norris and Amanda E Norris to Kraig Jacob Norris 0.87 acr part of SW SE 14 3S 6W; 0.08 acr part of SW SE 14 3S 6W; 0.71 acr part of SW SE 14 3S 6W.

Eugene E Erny and Norma Jean Erny to Jennifer Lynn Merkley lot 50 Skyline Subdivision with exception; lot 51 Skyline Subdivision.

Laura M Leinenbach to Jaclyn A Schmitt lot 24 Brookstone Estates.

Henrietta Harder and Helen Katter Brauer to Adam Pfau lot 9 Northside ark Subdivision.

Marvin Betz and Phyllis Betz to Celestine Investments LLC lot 6 and 19 Celestine.

Carolyn R (Riley) Conen to Carolyn R (Riley) Conen 1.94 acr part of SE NW 22 2S 6W with exception; 0.43 acr part of SE NW 22 2S 6W.

Bonnie Sue Betz, Allen Lee Cooper, and Kevin G Cooper to Shelby L Berger 3 acr part of SW NE 18 2S 3W.

SPM Development Inc and Reinbrecht Homes to Logan G Quinn and Rachel N Quinn 7.754 acr part of NW 27 1S 3W.

Henrietta Harder and Helen Katter Bauer to Barbara Fleck lot 11, 13, and 14 Northside Park Subdivision.

Hunters Crossing Stellar LLC to Jagoe Homes Inc lot 75, 76, 77, 78, 93, and 94 Hunters Crossing Section 3.

Albert J Leisman Jr to Theresa Rose Merkley lot 1 Leisman’s 1st Addition with easement. 

James L Wenzel to Tara L Fleck 45.23 acr SW 5 2S 4W Tract I, S ½ with exception; 0.25 acr part of NE NW 8 2S 4W Tract II, E ½.

Verkamp Park Inc to Leonard J Verkamp and Diann M Verkamp 2.711 acr part of SW NW 18 2S 3W with exemption.

Bradley E Hochgesang to Bradley R Hochgesang and Margaret Marystone 0.967 acr part of SW NE 36 1S 5W.

Kerstiens Homes & Designs Inc to J and M Latimer Trust lot 17 Trinity Crossing. 

North Indiana Investments LLC to Ghanem Butrus Ghanem and Rose Hanna Ghanem lot 30, 31, 41, 48, 49, 43, 88, 89, 77, 69, 71, 66, 63, 62, 61, 58, and 55 Oak Forest Addition; lot 46 and 47 Oak Forest Subdivision.

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