Real Estate Transfers: 6/30

Ronald L Gayheart and Kathy D Gayheart to Jace A Houchin and Brittany Ray Nicole Houchin 2 acr part of NE NE 31 2S 5W.

Christopher C Book to Christine M Book3.024 acr part of NW SE 18 2S 5W.

Jagoe Homes Inc to Amber Kay Huckelby and Daric W Huckelby lot 89 Hunters Crossing Section 3.

Kevin D Carouse to Kyla L Goller part of SW SE 30 1N 4W; part of NE NE 31 1N 4W; containing 5 acres with exemption.

Kenneth R Lange and Selma Lange to Andy A Lange 5.180 acr part of NE NE 18 3S 4W with exemption; 0.183 acr part of SE SE 7 3S 4W with exemption. 

Michael Gentry and Ruth A Gentry Estate to Jacob M Hildenbrand 0.43 acr part of SE NE 3 3S 5W.

Landyn Mariah Schneider to Trevor William Weisman 0.77 acr part of NE NE 19 1S 5W with right to use a driveway.

Kerstiens Homes & Designs Inc to Austin R Budell and Virginia E Budell lot 3 block 906 Autumn Creek.

Lisa Carol Feldmeyer, Glen Thomas Dittmer, Glen Thomas Dittmer Revocable Trust, Lisa C Feldmeyer, Jennifer L Elliott, Dedri A Burton, Ruth Ann Dittmer, and Ruth Ann Dittmer Revocable Trust to James Alan Rueger and Joan Marie Campbell part of NE NE 28 2S 5W with exemption. 

Daniel L Enlow and Amber R Enlow to Julio C Alcantar lot 54 Keystone Crossing.

Shipley Enterprises Inc to Sabra Real Estate LLC lot 22 St Mary’s Addition, E ½; lot 23 and 24 St Mary’s Addition.

Johnnie D Bush and Ruth T Bush to Kristopher Thomas Spindler and Jessica N Graham 10.27 acr part of SW NW 30 1S 3W with right to ingress and egress easement.

Alicia A Vaal and Alicia A Rauscher to Nicholas Ross Snider and Lyndley M Snider part of SW SW 16 1S 3W with right to roadway easement; part of NW NW 21 1S 3W with right to roadway easement. 

IC Properties LLC to K&J Investments XV LLC 2.999 acr part of NE NW 26 1S 5W tract 1; 0.027 part of NE NW 26 1S 5W tract 2.

John E Birk to John E Birk and Ann E Beasley 15.52 acr part of SW NW 36 2S 6W.

Glen E Voelekl to Glen E Voelkel and Barbara K Voelkel 46.37 acr part of NE 3 1S 6W, N ½ with exception and easement.

Barbara K Voelkel to Glen E Velkel and Brabara K Voelkel 2.85 acr part of NW NW 28 1N 4W with exception; 41 acr SW 21 1N 4W, E ½ of W ½; 1.5 acr part of 20 1N 4W.

Barbara K Voelkel to Kory G Voelkel 0.16 acr part of NW SW 29 1N 4W.

Nathan S Buechlein and Kristin R Buechlein to Patrick E Seger and Victoria L Seger part of NW NE 5 3S 4W.

GABC Holdings Inc to Bentpine Group LLC lot 79 part Jasper OT; lot 78 N 1/2 Jasper OT; lot 79 W 1/2 of the N ½ Jasper OT; N 50 feet of a vacated public alley between lots 78 and 79; lot 78 N ½ of the S ½ Jasper OT; lot 79 part Jasper OT N ½ of the S ½ of the W ½; part of a vacated alley between lots 78 and 79.

Eugene C Welp and Kevin J Welp to Anna Marie Welp and Legacy Tree Farm LLC NW NW 32 2S 4W; 83.578 acr part of NE 31 2S 4W, E ½.

Eugene C Welp, Kevin J Welp, and Anna Marie Welp Estate to A&A Welp Farm LLC 19.223 acr part of SE NE 31 2S 4W with easement; 15.234 acr part of SE NE 31 2S 4W; 24.652 acr part of SW NW 32 2S 4W; 3.817 part of SE NE 31 2S 4W; 13.925 part of SW NW 32 2S 4W.

Corina L Cerna to Erick Gregorio Aguilar Baltazar and Norma Eluvia Lopez Macario lot 15 Gerkins Addition.

Irma D Gudorf to Alfred J Barkley and Tammy T Barkley 1.282 acr part of NW NE 30 1S 4W.

Christopher L Woodard and Brenda S Woodard to Eric I Ekong and Linda M Ekong lot 6 Brookstone Estates.

Eckerts Pool Supply Inc to Lisa J Lamont part of SW NE 26 1S 5W with exceptions.

Michael V Park and Stephanie A Park to Matthew Ryan Lining and Katey Marguerite Lining lot 25 Crooked Creek Knoll.

Carpenter Rentals LLC to Greg Schepers and Angela Scheperss lot 67 Celestine.

Paul A Weyer to Jason David Herbig lot 20 part and lot 21 part First Addition Ferdinand. 

Thomas V Burrs and Thomas V Burris Revocable Trust to BR6L LLC 40.18 acr SE SW 9 3S 3W.

Kerstiens Homes & Designs Inc to Courtney A Hamilton block 615 Autumn Creek III.

Servus Inc to Progressive Development Company LLC lot 1 Replat of D J Realty 3rd Addition.

Sydney E THewes to Connie Thewes and Steve Kruger lot 5 William J Popps Addition.

Micha A Tirbasso to Dr Victor J Tirbasso to SJC Properties LLC lot 13 Helen Kremp’s subdivision.

Brenda Jane Obermeier, Edwin John Lueken, and Edwin John Lueken Testamentary Trust to Brett Newman Cave and Adrienne Lea Cave lot 34 Silver Springs II.

Kerstiens Development Inc to Kerstiens Homes & Designs Inc lot 4 Autumn Creek II.

Raymond V Lueken and Aileen Lueken to Anthony Scott Friedman and Nancy Jean Friedman 2.63 acr part of NE NE 9 2S 3W, E 1/2.; 1.25 acr part of NE 9 2S 3W, N ½ with right of ingress and egress.

Patrick Ryan Durcholz and Charlene Marie (Seger) Durcholz to Patrick Ryan Durcholz and Charlene Marie Durcholz 3.7 acr part of NW 33 2S 4W, W ½.

Michelle J Merkel to Pamela Lynn Baker 0.19 acr part of NW 34 2S 5W; part of NW 34 2S 5W, E ½ with exception.

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