Real Estate Transfers: 5/18

Dawn Rose Thurston (formerly k/a Dawn Rose Reuber) to Cody Wade Lynch 3.5 acr part of SW NE NE 12 1S 4W; 0.022 acr part of SW NE 12 1S 4W.

Harold T Hemmerlein to Stephanie D Breeden 1.42 acr part of SW 30 1N 4W.

Mary Ann Loewenstein, Robert Schitter, and Eileen Laverne Schitter (deceased) to Kory G Voelkel and Breanne N Voelkel 52.854 acr part of 3 1S 6W E ½. 

Kerstiens Homes & Designs Inc to Glenda S Nugent lot 2 block 906 Autumn Creek.

Nadine M Turney to Johnathan Blaine Beasley and Ivy Elizabeth Beasley lot 98 Oak Forest Addition to Lake Helmerich Subdivision.

Jonathan W Stallings to Kyle P Schroering 3.078 acr part of NW NE 33 1S 5W.

Blake S Hopf to Brandon J Bayer lot 5 part Gerkens Addition; lot 5 part Gerkens Addition; lot 6 part Gerkens Addition.

Janice Marie Lytle to Herbert A Huff 0.076 acr part of SW NE 5 3S 3W.

Janice Marie Lytle to Janice Marie Lytle and Arvin Dean Lytle 7.46 acr part of NW NE 5 3S 3W with exception; 0.037 acr part of SW NE 5 3S 3W.

Danna A Decker to Danna A Decker of Danna A Decker Revocable Trust lot 3 Grassland Hills North. 

Teresa Guimond Olson to Earl Guimond lot 9 Joseph Eggs Subdivision. 

Jagoe Homes Inc and Attiyyah Shereen Robinson to Attiyyah Shereen Allen Robinson lot 81 Hunters Crossing Section 3. 

Brandan L Brosmer and Tandra A Brosemer to JJK Farm LLC 5.44 acr part of SE NE 3 2S 3W with exception. 

Ballsy Haven LLC to Prestyn Balsmeyer 1 acr part of SE 19 3S 5W E ½. 

Tyler Flick and Amelia Flick to Brock M Popp and Taylor A Main 20 acr part of SW NW 35 1N 6W N ½. 

Brock M Popp to Tyler Mehringer lot 29 Petry’s First Addition.

Yordanka Alejo Acosta to Megan N Myers 1 acr part of SE SE 34 1S 5W with easement.

Arnold Tempel to Thomas G Ferguson Jr and Jordan Elizabeth Ferguson lot 101, 102, and 103 Woodland Hills Subdivision. 

Brent R Rasche and Ronda K Rasche to Randy K Mills and Roxanne Mills lot 10, 11, 23 part, and 26 part Leo J Schaeffer’s Subdivision.

Marie C Patton and Dale F Schnarr to Bradley J Neukam 128.566 acr part of NW 11 1S 6W with easements. 

Judith K Atwood (deceased) to Robert T Atwood lot 1 Geiers Subdivision; lot 1, 2, 3, and 4 Kundecks Addition. 

Mykaela B Main and Jaron J Main to Brock D Bawel lot 12 Wind Song Estates. 

Ruth M King of Ruth M King Revocable Living Trust and Brenda S Hartke to Residential Design Services LLC lot 4 Braces Addition. 

Jessica K Opel to Barbara Norris 0.19 acr part of NE SW 26 1S 5W West ½.

Kerstiens Homes & Designs Inc to Cole Douglas Rohleder lot 19 Trinity Crossing. 

Lee R Vogler to Carpenter Rentals LLC 1.68 acr part of SE SW 33 3S 5W with exception; 0.12 acr part of SW SW 33 3S 5W; part of SE SW 33 3S 5W 20 ft strip of land off N side. 

Gerald Boehman and Mary Boehman to Mann Enterprises LLC lot 2 and 3 Cloverdale Addition.

Bernard P Kemker and Janice Kemker to Ivanka Kapetanovic and Ruzica Kapetanovic lot 21 and 19 Whoderville First Addition.

Brave LLC to Huynh Nga Lieu-Le lot 49 Jasper OT Tract I S ½; lot 49 Jasper OT Tract II N ½; lot 97 Jasper OT Tract II E ½; part of a vacated alley between lots 48, lot 49, lot 96, and lot 97.

Mark A Kramer and Dana M Kramer to Leslie A Petry lot 1 Orchard Ridge Addition. 

Sitewise Inc to Bean To Sprout LLC lot 6 part Huntingburg inlot. 

Kieth Meyer, Wendy Meyer, Julia L Beck, and Curtis H Meyer of Curtis H Meyer Revocable Living Trust to Stella L Denbo 0.45 acr part of SE SW 27 1S 5W.

Jonathan P Seger and Kaisi L Seger to Brett M Werner and Emily M Werner lot 41 Crooked Creek Knoll. 

Glenda Harris Nugent to Gerald L Montgomery and Mary A Montgomery lot 52 Keystone Crossing. 

Neukam Properties LLC to Wiliam A Graber and Lillie Graber of William Graber and Lillie Graber Revocable Living Trust part of SE 36 1N 5W W ½.; 59.069 acr part of SE SW 36 1N 5W with exception. 

Mulder LLC to Candace M Hester lot 17, 18, and 16 part North Side Addition. 

Charles L Rasche Life Estate and Linda L Rasche Life Estate to Jason M Rasche, Aaron A Rasche, Livia A Rasche, and Benjamin C Rasche 1 acr part of SW NW 5 1S 3W; life estates for Charles L and Linda L Rasche remain for their joint lives. 

William V Hasenour and Rebecca Hasenour to Andrea Longabaugh, Lindsey Sickbert, and Jace Hasenour 8.78 acr part of SE 27 2S 4W S ½.

William V Hasenour to Andrea Longabaugh, Lindsay Sickert, and Jace Hasenour 37.87 acr part of NE NE 34 2S 4W; 0.76 acr part of NW NE 34 2S 4W.

Odillo Fromme Estate and Clara Fromme Estate to Richard A Fromme and Monna Lou Fromme 0.6 acr part of NW SE 30 1S 3W with 10ft roadway; 64 acr SW 30 1S 3W E ½  with exception. 

Brad A Kippenbrock to Brad A Kippenbrock and Lisa M Martinez 0.6 acr part of SW SW 23 1S 5W.

Carol J Neukam to Kelsey L Graman and Nolan O Kiefer lot 39 Maurice De St Palais Fourth Addition S ½. 

Raptor Rentals LLC to Brian J Hopf 0.2 acr part of SE NW 36 1S 5W.

Brain J Hopf to Raptor Rentals LLC 0.2 acr part of SE NW 36 1S 5W.

Cynthia J Harlen Mattingly Bird to Cynthia J Bird 0.39 acr part of NE SW 34 1S 4W.

James G Schmitt and Susan R Day Schmitt to James G Schmitt and Susan R Schmitt lot 44 Joseph Hasenours Second Addition.

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