Real Estate Transfers: 3/3

Brian J Uebelhor to Son of a Botch Properties LLC lot 13 Blemkers Subdivision; lot 12 Blemkers Subdivision Out Lot. 

Brittany Laine Jarboe (a/k/a Brittany Laine Hopf) to Daniel Matthew Jarboe and Brittany Laine Jarboe lot 46 part Maurice De St Palais Third Addition.

John B Habig and Carma Jane Habig (deceased) to John B Habig and Springs Valley Bank & Trust Company of John B Habig Revocable Trust lot 5 Oak Ridge Estates I; lot 30 and lot 31 Northside Addition; Tract A part of a vacated alley west of lots 30 and 3; tract B part of a vacated Schalchter Ave; lot 19 Otto J Birk First Addition.

Krista Hill, Eric Breitwieser, and Adam Breitwieser to Kerry Breitwieser, Curtis A Breitwieser, Kevin S Breitwieser, James E Breitwieser, and Stacy L Harper part of SW 9 1S 4W W ½.

Robert A Patberg and Mary L Patberg of Robert A Patberg and Mary L Patberg Revocable Living Trust to Jorge Mario Santiago lot 17 Leland Heights Addition.

Stanley F Messmer to Nathan Sollman and Brandy L Gudorf 0.55 acr part of SE NE 36 2S 5W; 0.11 acr part of SE NE 36 2S 5W; 0.74 part of SE NE 36 2S 5W.

Dorothy H Fischer and Brenda K Brown to Leonard Joseph Mehringer lot 80 Portersville; also the southwest quarter of the public square. 

Kenneth A Pund and Susan R Pund to Jill S Whaley and Todd D Whaley lot 9 Otto Boeglins Subdivision; lot 8 Otto Boeglins Subdivision 29 feet 3 ½ inches off south side of lot. 

Cheryl L Stemle, Jerry D Schnarr, and Shirley M Schnarr (deceased) to Cheryl L Stemle 1.7 acr part of SW NE 30 1N 5W.

Cheryl L Stemle and Jerry D Schnarr of Shirley M Schnarr Estate to Cheryl L Stemle 36.32 acr part of SW SE 19 1N 5W; 23.7 acr part of SW 19 1N 5W E ½; 46.3 acr part of NW NE; 40 acr 30 1N 5W; 13.70 acr  SW NE 30 1N 5W w/ exception. 

Shea E Fleck to Zachary Bohnert lot 100 Northwood Park Addition north 54 feet; lot 101 Northwood Park Addition south 28 feet. 

Wayne G Singer and Mark A Singer to Sarah Carpenter lot 70 Huntingburg S ½ in lot. 

Ruth Ann Guthery to Philip Greene and Melissa Greene lot 3 Joseph Hasenours First Addition; lot 4 Joseph Hasenours First Addition W ½. 

Mary Ann Kieffner of Martha L Meyer Estate to Tanner P Schroering lot 5 Meridian Meadows.

Boeckman Properties LLC to Scott A Bateman and Megan B Bateman lot 18 Henry Wagners Addition. 

Dennis M Neukam to Edward C Ledlow and Susan M Ledlow 0.94 acr part of SE SW 25 1N 5W.

Madeline Investment Group LLC to L&L Family Holdings LLC 4.08 acr part of NE SE 1 2S 5W.

Alice M Stillwell to Adam Thomas Stillwell, Tonya R Stillwell, and Alex John Stillwell of Alex John Stillwell Declaration of Trust 12.89 acr part of SE SE 8 3S 3W.

Lois Gogel and John L Gogel of John L Gogel and Lois J Gogel Revocable Living Trust to Lois J Gogel lot 30 Brookstone Estates VI.

Dennis L Stetter and Patricia A Stetter to Dennis L Stetter Revocable Trust lot 17 Lake Helmerich Subdivision.

Osmaro Ramos to Osmaro Ramos and Maria D Martinez lot 105 Mill Creek Park III.

Thomas Kleinhelter, Sheriff of Dubois County, Hoosier Hills Credit Union, Angela G Fleck, and Weyers Garage LLC to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation lot 21 Leona M Alpers Addition.

Mildred A Harris to Bret D Eckert 1 acr part of SE SW 4 3S 3W.

Kenneth Hay to Alexander P Hohl and Erica L Hohl 40 acr NE SW 20 2S 5W; 0.9 acr SE 20 2S 5W 15 feet off the north side; 40 acr SE SW 20 2S 5W.

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