Real Estate Transfers: 11/27

Ryan S Burch and Ellen R Burch to Brian A Sarkine and Elisabeth A Sarkine lot 52 Golden Acres Estates III.

Shipley Enterprises INC and SE Properties to Chelsea N Dennison lot 1 Roetgers Addition.

Patoka Lake Regional Water & Sewer District to Woodland Hills Subdivision Owners INC lot 133 Woodland Hills Subdivision.

Gary E Bender and Kristine M Bender to Brian S Bender 5 acres part of NW NW 28 3S 5W w/ rts to 40 ft easement.

Luis Miguel Henriquez Colocho, Luis Miguel Henriquez and Luis Miguel Colocho to Elvin Francisco Ayala Castillo, Elvin Francisco Ayala and Reyna Beatriz Ayala lot 19 Huntingburg Outlot w/ easement.

Paul J McConnell and Nissa N McConnell to Nissa N McConnell part of SW SW 1 3S 5W; part of SE SW 1 3S 5W; 10 acres.

Marilyn S Welp (formerly k/a Marilyn Sue Boeglin) to Richard A Welp and Robert A Welp of Marilyn S Welp Irrevocable Trust 58.60 acres part of NW 29 3S 4W E ½; 22 acres part of NE29 3S 4W W ½ w/ exception; 10 acres part of SW NE 29 3S 4W w/ easement; 3 acres part of SE NW 29 3S 4W w/ exceptions.

Marilyn S Welp to Richard A Welp and Robert A Welp of Marilyn S Welp Irrevocable Trust lot 10 Beckman Addition.

Brian Henke and Dee Ann Henke to Michael Elliss and Rebecca Elliss 14.73 acres part of NE SE 14 3S 3W w/ easements; 0.02 acres part of SE NE 14 3S 3W.

Buck & Mary Properties LLC to John E Garland and Karen A Ubelhor 1.94 acres part of NW NE 29 1N 4W w/ easement; 15 acres part of NW NE 29 1N 4W.

Janice Marie Lytle and Herbert A Huff to Herbert A Huff part of NW NE 5 3S 3W; part of SW NE 5 3S 3W; containing 6.07 acres.

Jerome G Knies and Holly L Knies to Progressive Investment Company LLC 40 acres NW NE 36 1N 3W w/ easement.

JJ Knies Farms LLC and Knies JJ Farms LLC to Progressive Investment Company LLC 20 acres part of SE SE 25 1N 3W tract I w/ easement; part of SW NE 36 1N 3W tract II; part of NW SE 36 1N 3W tract II; tract II containing 12.4 acres.

Harold Tinkle and Loretta Tinkle to Gregory D Tinkle and Samantha Tinkle 11 acres part of NE SE 16 1N 3W.

Simm Properties LLC to 520 Jasper Propco LLC 4.420 acres part of SE SW 26 1S 5W w/ exception.

M&M Investment Group LLC to Andy Nass 29.230 acres part of NW SE 3 3S 5W.

SPM Development INC and Reinbrecht Homes to Robert Wilhelm and Amy Wilhelm lot 31 Woodland Hills Subdivision and lot 32 Woodland Hills Subdivision.

Matthew A Gayhart and Sarah E Gayhart to Barbara Praytor lot 104 Meridian Meadows; lot 103 Meridian Meadows.

Patrick A Masterson and Sharon Masterson to Julio C Pardo 0.23 acres part of SE NE 35 1S 5W.

Doratha M Dippel to Thomas A Dippel and Marilyn L Reckelhoff Dippel 9.15 acres part of NE NW 5 3S 5W.

Jeffery Allen Brown to Ryan William Sullivan and Jessica Alexandra Sullivan lot 22 Joseph Hasenours Sixth Addition; lot 21 Joseph Hasenours Sixth Addition E 13 ft.

Joseph R Knies to Craig Schitter and Kristin Knies Schitter 0.75 acres part of NE SW 2 2S 5W w/ easement.

Karen D Clapp and Sandra L Morton to Dale Ehringer lot 61 Borden’s Addition.

Sandra L Morton, Ronald C Ellis and Karen A Ellis to Dale Ehringer lot 44 Borden’s First Addition w/rt to vacated East First Street.

Kenneth J Sicard and Monica D Sicard to Gregory Sicard, Christina Nalley, Brent Sicard and Megan Sicard lot 62 Albert A Krampes Addition; lot 61 Albert A Krampes Addition E 50 ft.

Kristi F Applegate, Larry L Kleaving, Kari Ann Brown and Kamela A Gogel to Ellis A Howard, Suellen G Howard, Julie Ann Franchville and Tom Franchville lot 41 Lake Helmerich Subdiv; re-recorded to include notary witness statement.

Ernest Hochgesang and Janet Braunecker of Veronica B Hochgesang Estate to Ernest Hochgesang, Janet Braunecker, Darlene Tuell, Mary Jean Begler, Michael Hochgesang, Richard Hochgesang, Linda Hochgesang, Brenda Hochgesang, Laura Hochgesang, Cindy Hochgesang and William Hochgesang lot 20 St. Anthony; lot 21 St. Anthony E 9 ft.

Timothy Wade Emmons and Tammy Emmons to David Faulkenburg and Lillian Faulenburg lot 70 Krampe’s Addition W 10 ft of E ½; lot 71 Krampe’s Addition; lot 70 Krampe’s Addition W ½ of lot; lot 70 Krampe’s Addition.

Tara S Cabrel to Richard Joseph Greenwood and Debra Greenwood lot 2 Evans Brook Estates.

Johnny L Yoder and Martha S Yoder to Braxton E Mann and Taylor B Mann lot 8 Brookstone Estates IV.

Jagoe Homes INC to Brittany Elizabeth Lamar lot 71 Hunters Crossing Section 2.

Stephen Kehr Bartels to Devon Traylor and Olivia G Wampler 0.32 acres part of NW NE 35 2S 4W.

Krista S Powell to Stephanie Lynn Nordhoff lot 31 Joseph Gutzweiler Addition.

Michael J Land and Kelly K Land to Edward W Miller and Meredith L Miller lot 176 Golden Acres Estates IV.

Carpenter Rentals LLC to Melissa Dawn Matheis 0.29 acres part of SE SW 12 1S 4W.

Lou Ella Mann and Luther Roy Mann to Jeffery P Mann and Timothy H Mann of Luther Roy Mann Testamentary Trust 1.32 acres part of SE SE 25 1N 6W; part of SW SE 36 1N 6W; 1.452 acres part of NE 1 1S 6W N ½ w/rt to easement; 0.56 acres part of SE NE 25 1N 6W w/ easement; 1.419 acres part of NE SE 25 1N 6W; 34.37 acres part of SE 25 1N 6W E ½.

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