Real Estate Transfers: 10/9

Tammy Elaine Huddleston, personal representative of the Estate of Thomas E. Russell, to Tammy Elaine Huddleston, Tonya Lynn Petry and Linda J. Russell Estate 2.03 acres of pt NE SW 25 1n 5w, 40 acres of NW NW 25 1n 3w, 40 acres of SW NW 25 1n 3w, .42 acres of pt SW 24 1n 3w.

Tammy E. Huddleston, co-executor, Nita Reyher, co-executor, and the Estate of Linda Russell, to Tammy Elaine Huddleston and Tonya Lynn Petry, 2.03 acres of pt NE SW 25 1n 5w, 40 acres of NW NW 25 1n 3w, 40 acres of SW NW 25 1n 3w, .42 acres of pt SW 24 1n 3w.

Richard Kempf to Nathaniel D. and Courtney A. Hopf 1.45 acres of pt NW NW 25 1s 3w.

Craig A. Knebel, trustee of the Edward and Anna Knebel Irrevocable Trust to Ralph W. and Lisa M. Wilson 1.77 acres of pt SW 20 2s 4w, .54 acres of pt SE NW 20 2s 4w.

Clint A. and Mariah Ferguson Obermeier to Shanntel Corbett Lot 8 Leo J. Schaeffer’s Subdivision.

Vikki L. Trout to Nathan James Tretter 3 acres of pt SW 12 3s 6w.

John F. Prechtel to KennyJ. and CherylL. Hentrup .44 acres of pt NE SW 30 1s 5w.

Matthew E. and Alexis A. Schuetter to Brock Moeller Lot 19 Wind Song Estates.

Janet A. Schultheis, Michael J. Bartley, power of attorney, and Shirley A. Bartley, power of attorney, to Victoria Trout Lot 87 Joseph Hasenours Third Addition.

Daniel J and Dana S. Coultas to Mark and Julie Lambert Lots 62 and 63 Woodland Hills Subdivision.

NLNT Investments LLC to Jerry M. and Staci R. Robling Lot 38 Northwest Suburban.

Toni Lynn Beumer and Steven L. Beumer to Anna Sherbatova and Aleksandr Berezhnoi Lots 84, 85 and 86 Oak Forest Add to Lake Helmerich.

Anthony J. Seng and Jenna M. Heriott Seng to Broc J. Litherland and Emily D. Seufert .277 acres of pt SW NE 26 1s 5w.

Jon P. and Heidi M. Villwock to Anthony Joseph and Jenna Marie Seng Lot 71 Country Club Estates VI.

Edward Rose to Sonja Ashby .286 acres of pt SW SW 13 1n 3w.

Dale Frick to Cory Dane Sickbert and Taylor Renae Wessel 1.5 acres of pt NW 23 3s 4w.

Robert C. Beyers to Pfaff Properties LLC Lot 44 Gutzweilers Addition.

Michael L. Flannagan and Janice K. Flannagan to Michael V and Stephanie A Park 1.06 acres pt SE NW 22 1s 5w, and Lots 12, 22 and 23 Grassland Hills West.

Shawn M. and Danielle L. Nall and Patrick Earl and Lou Ellen Buening to DC Buening Properties LLC 1 acre pt SW SW 28 3s 5w.

Daniel Dejesus Flores to Daniel Dejesus Flores and Mayra Flores Lot 3 Hunters Crossing Section 1.

Kerstiens Homes & Designs Inc. to Daniel R. Balka and Donna C. Oeding Lot 16 Trinity Crossing.

Chip L and Kathy A. Kugler to Ordie L. and Barbara Day Lot 25 Diamond Ridge Estates.

Tammy M. Bedolla to Carpenter Rentals LLC Lot 1 Huntingburg, outlot w/easement.

Paul F. and Karen Sue Ficker to Paul F. Ficker and Karen Sue Ficker Irrevocable Family Trust Lot 42 Golden Acres Estates II.

Katherine K. Oberst to Jesse Hall 1.03 acres of pt SE NE 32 3s 5w and 0.41 acres of pt SE NE 32 3s 5w.

Nicholas A. Vogler to Brett K. and Candice C. Stenftenagel 17.83 acres of pt SW NW 35 2s 6w.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Cory Devon Mitchell and Lindsey N. Beaven Lot 60 Hunters Crossing Section 2.

Virginia Johannemann and Sue A. Wendholt, power of attorney, to Andrew S. Jones 0.38 acres of pt NE 17 3s 4w and 2.22 acres of pt NE 17 3s 4w.

Sharon Lou Rasche, life estate, to Luke Richard Rasche Lot 17 Gutzweilers First Addition.

Jason Brondos and Taylor Hoffman to Jason M. Berry Lot 144 Terrace Heights Addition.

Shelba J. Schuetter to Kevin James Schuetter, Gayle Ann Weyer and the Schuetter Family Trust Lot 12 Mill Creek Park.

John J. Glendening to Adam E. and Kara L. Glendening 10 acres of pt SE NW 33 1s 3w.

Matthew R. Egg and Reinbrecht Homes to SPM Development Lot 1 Egg's First Addition.

Kenneth L. Schnaus and Linda K. Erny, person representatives for the late Dorothy M. Schnaus and the late Leroy Schnaus, to Luke N. Sermersheim and Nicholas J. Sermersheim 3.573 acres of pt SE 32 1s 5w.

Carl E. Hauser, trustee for the late Marjorie Hauser and the Carl and Marjorie Hauser Trust to Cynthia and William Richardson 9.67 acres of pt SE SE 26 3s 6w and 1.56 acres of pt SW SW 25 3s 6w.

D Fischer Investments LLC to Kennan J and Jami D. Gress and Conner J. Gress Lot 63 Jasper OT.

Patoka Lake Regional Water & Sewer District to Wesley Ryan Adair and Alba Nidia Adair Lot 61 Woodland Hills Subdivision.

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