Real Estate Transfers: 10/16

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Helen Camacho and Rafael A. Miranda Lot 53 Hunters Crossing Section 2.

Lukas Messmer and Alecia Messmer to John Roy Litwiler Jr. Lot 10 Joseph L. Hasenours Seventh Addition.

Patsy M. Powell to Joseph Lee Casey pt SE NE 27 1n 6w and pt NE SE 27 1n 6w, containing 1.44 acres.

Laura M. Mehling to Keyli Serrano Lot 26 and Lot 31 Henry Wagners Addition.

RAJ Holdings LLC to Mark W. and Rita M. Montgomery Lot 17 and Lot 18 Celestine.

Rafael A. Miranda Miranda and Helen Camacho to Amanda E. Perez Acosta Lot 21 Keystone Crossing.

Ackerman Oil Co. Inc. to Ack Inc. Lot 16 and Lot 17 Kundecks Second Addition.

Raphael A. and Phyllis M. Ackerman to Ack Inc. Lot 16 and Lot 17 Kundecks Second Addition.

Michael E. and Ann L. Ackerman to Ack Inc. Lot 16 and Lot 17 Kundecks Second Addition.

Ack Inc. to French Lick Properties LLC Lot 17, Tract 1 Kundecks Second Addition; Lot 17, Tract 1 Kundecks Second Addition; and Lot 16, Tract 2 Kundecks Second Addition.

James Albert and Pam Lynn Weyer to Keith and Angela Schwenk lots 12, 13, 18 and 19 Otto J. Boeglins Subdivision.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Jason R. and Cristina L. Parke Lot 68 Hunters Crossing Section 2.

Michel Homestead Farm Inc. to Phillip W. Michel 8 acres of NW NW 16 3s 5w.

Andrew T. Gubbins to Amy K. McCracken 3.61 acres of pt NW NE 30 1s 4w; pt NW NE 30 1s 4w; and pt SW SE 19 1s 4w.

Ruhe Drainage & Excavating Inc. to Strait Bend LLC 18.28 acres of pt SW SE 35 1s 5w and 36.46 acres of pt SE 35 1s 5w.

James G. and Linda L. Ruhe to West Hill LLC 4.15 acres of pt SW 2 2s 5w.

Clarence Mark and Paula J. Spivey to Angelica M. Henriquez Dubon lots 4 and 5 Leo Blessingers Addition, and pt of vacated alley adjoining lots 4 and 5.

John R. Weyer to Lisandro A. Iglesias lots 111 and 112 Othmar Eckerles Victory Villa Sixth Addition.

Logan G. and Rachel N. Quinn and Elsa C. Rey to Elsa C. Rey Villacreses Lot 20 Mill Creek Park.

Gwendolyn R. Pieper Kelley to Clinton C. and Trisha N. Eichmiller 20 acres of NW NW 17 1s 3w and 38 acres of pt SW NW 17 1s 3w w/easement.

Cell Leasing LLC to Hopf Properties LLC 11.256 acres of pt NE SW 27 2s 5w.

Anthony and Donny Quinn to Jamin Quinn 2 acres of pt NW 23 1n 3w.

Stephen P. and Deborah L. Brescher to Matthew L. and Samantha K. Kuzemka 4.35 acres of pt SW SE 4 2s 4w w/easement.

Rebecca A. Hickman to Bryce Charles Conway and Katelyn Janelle Letterman Conway Lot 8 Replat of Glenview Park Addition.

Barbara L. B. Shafer, trustee of the Barbara L. B. Shafer Revocable Trust, to Travis Jay and Katelyn Rose LaMar lots 11 and 12 Henry Kunz Northeast Addition.

Jonathan L. Marshall to Michael and Rebecca Webb Lot 171 Golden Acres Estates IV.

Thomas Kleinhelter, Joshua Michael Day and Stephanie Renee Persohn to Carpenter Rentals LLC 0.32 acres of pot SE NW 36 1s 5w.

Abby J. Wagner to Dustin P. and Jilly L. Matheis Lot 116 Skyline Subdivision.

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