Rangers fall to Eagles in sectional final


BRETZVILLE — Evansville Day used two first-half goals plus a penalty kick scored in the first forty seconds of the second half to defeat the Forest Park Rangers 3-0 in Saturday's Class 1A sectional final.

Rangers coach Brad Weyer thought the Rangers played tenatively on Saturday, but also credited the Eagles with a stronger defensive effort than he had anticipated. That combined with their sharp ball movement was too much for the Rangers to overcome.

"They came out the play and we did not," he said. "They're very well disciplined. They stay compact, everyone knows their roles. They did a good job of not allowing us any offensive chances. We allowed them to get a couple of early goals, and that's really what set the tone."

There was also a scary moment almost twenty minutes into the second half when sophomore goalie Madison Wathen went down after trying to defend a goal in a crowd of players. Play was stopped for over 15 minutes while she was checked by her coaches and loaded into an ambulance as precautionary measure for a possible neck or back injury. Weyer was optimistic about her condition, but wishes that the officials could have done more to clear out the box to prevent something like that from happening.

"I wish officiating would have put a stop to that sooner, because it was going on all game," he said. "It's unfortunate it had to lead to an injury before something happens."

The sting of the loss was heavy, but Weyer praised the seniors for their contribuitons to the program and is looking forward to the future of Forest Park girls soccer.

"A lot of these seniors were starters from the time they were freshmen," he said. "To see the work they've put in, the amount of wins we were able to rack up in four years, getting a sectional championship last year, coming to the sectional championship this year and falling a little bit short, I'm really happy. I think the future is bright here."

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