Rainwater 'is the real deal' for governor

To the editor:

It has been long time since I wrote a letter to the editor, and to be honest, I thought I had written everything I had to say. Nope, lol. I write this because Indiana has that golden opportunity to vote for and elect a great person to governor, and that is Donald Rainwater.

I have followed Rainwater for months, and he is the real deal. He is pro-life. He said he believes in masks and the virus, but not in government mandates of how to live and work. He wants to reduce the size of the state government, return local control of education, and reduce regulations for running your business. He wants to reform, reduce, and rethink how the state taxes us to raise revenue. I could go on, but you should go read for yourself more online.

Personally, it is a relief to see someone make it their stated goal to reduce the government burden on me. It seems that Mitch Daniels was governor ages ago when reforming and reducing were state government goals.

I have always urged you to vote for the person, and in the governor’s race, this requires you to skip the straight ticket option and pick the individuals you support. You have this historic chance to show your displeasure of Holcomb and pick a person who will let you live your life while reforming and refocusing the state government towards increasing freedom. Join me and vote for Donald Rainwater for governor.

— Adrian Engelberth

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