Rain, melted snow culprit of flooded roads


Excess water over the weekend has caused some Dubois County roads to flood.

Some of those roads are still closed.

As of Wednesday morning, 13 roads were closed. Those include:

• County Road 875 West south of County Road 150 North.

• County Road 50 North west of County Road 750 West.

• County Road 800 West north of County Road 300 South river bottoms.

• Division Road east of County Road 600 West.

• Stewart Road off of Division Road.

• County Road 620 West at Dillon Creek.

• County Road 150 South west of Old Huntingburg Road.

• Ell Creek Road north of County Road 400 South.

• County Road 190 North north of Meridian Road.

• Old Huntingburg Road north of County Road 400 South.

• County Road 400 South west of Ell Creek Road.

• County Road 400 South east of 231.

• County Road 130 West north of County Road 400 South.

The reason for the flooding is twofold, Dubois County Engineer Brent Wendholt explained.

“All the snow melted. And then we got three inches of rain on top of it,” he said. “That filled the creeks up in a hurry.”

The barrage of snow Dubois County received in February resulted in lingering piles of snow. And then last week, the weather changed from extremely cold to warmer temperatures.

“On the days that it finally started warming up, it got to the 50s, the snow melted really really fast,” Wendholt said. “And then we got rain right after that. The ground was already saturated. And we had snow melting and running into ditches. So the water really had nowhere to go.”

The majority of the flooding is associated with the Patoka River, directly or indirectly, because the river is full.

“Very little water is being released from Patoka Lake at this time. So that’s helping out,” Wendholt said. “But there’s still a lot of water coming down the Patoka [River]. The snow just melted so fast.”

Another nine roads were closed but have reopened.

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