Questions that must be asked by voters

To the editor:

“Who is on my ballot?”

“Who can have the most positive impact on my livelihood and community?”

These are the questions that must be asked by voters. New York candidates are not on any Hoosier’s ballot. California candidates are not on your local ballot. Kentucky candidates are not on any voter’s ballot in Indiana.

As you consider candidates in 2019 and 2020, evaluate each candidate by his or her own merits, not the conduct of another candidate or office holder. Ask which candidate is running on issues that will impact you on a daily basis. Involve yourself in the process, base your vote off of what you learn about each individual candidate, and then hold those people accountable.

I encourage all citizens to examine each candidate on their ballot. Vote for someone like you, someone who actually understands your daily struggles. Vote based on the individuals on YOUR ballot.

—John Hurley

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