Questions, concerns about proposed coal project

To the editor:

Since October, more information has come out about the proposed coal to diesel project in Dale which was previously such a secret. Of course, the Lincolnland Economic Development Corporation and Riverview Energy Corporation (the company heading this project) have provided a glowing and idealistic picture of how wonderful this project will be for Dale and the entire area. Also, there is an impression that everyone is just thrilled about it. 

Some questions and concerns come to mind. You may have the same or different ones.

Did Riverview Energy Corporation promise the same wonderful things to the citizens of Vermillion County back in 2012? What happened that the project didn’t materialize there and ended in 2016? Did they figure out the negatives to this project?

What projects did this company operate or propose prior to 2014 when it was named Clean Coal Refining Corp?

Why would the Dale Town Council think that placing a refinery within a mile of the elementary school would be acceptable with everyone? 

Upon doing some research, this type of project requires a large supply of water daily. Dale does not have it. The estimated amount that is “floating around” is 1.8 million gallons a day!

From the construction permit application that was received by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management on Jan. 25, page 15, Water Supply and Treatment:

“Water supply to the Riverview Energy facility is proposed to be from the Ohio River, conveyed to the site by a pipeline, as a groundwater supply does not currently appear feasible.”

From page 17, Waste Water Treatment Unit:

“All process wastewater from the DCH units is treated and combined with utility blowouts and treated sanitary wastewater and leaves the site by pipeline for conveyance to an outfall to the Ohio River.”

Who is going to be paying for this part of the project? Is Riverview Energy figuring the cost to build these pipelines in its $2.5 billion estimation, or are we as federal and state taxpayers going to be covering the cost?

We’ve only started going through their permit application.

Ask questions and stay alert. Be careful about “drinking their Kool-Aid.” 

—Chuck and Janet Botsko

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