Quality of life essay contest underway

The Southwestern Indiana Citizens for Quality of Life is sponsoring an essay contest. SWICQL is inviting local students to contribute their ideas to improving the quality of life in Southwestern Indiana.

There is no financial prize for this contest. However, winners will be announced in local papers and trophies will be awarded. SWICQL believes that participation in this contest will be an excellent way for students to show their community involvement in college applications.

There is no minimum or maximum word count for an essay, and the topic may include anything that the student wishes, as long as it pertains to improving the quality of life in the area. Here are a couple of suggested topics:

• What would Abraham Lincoln have thought about how to make my home town or county a better place to live today?

• Does a person have the right to harm his neighbor’s quality of life and financial situation without fair compensation?

• What are my goals in life, and how do they relate to improving the quality of life for myself and my fellow citizens?

For details or to participate, email rjvaal@gmail.com or call 281-202-8143 for a complete description of the contest and an application form. Parental or guardian approval is required.

The deadline for submitting an essay is Oct. 23. Essays may be submitted by mail to P.O. Box 111, Dale IN 47523 or by email to rjvaal@gmail.com.

Winners will be announced by Oct. 30. Each applicant will be notified of the winners.

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