Put the government back to work

To the Editor:

Why is is that Donald Trump said Mexico would pay for The Wall? Now he shuts down the government because he wants money to pay for The Wall?

Do the math. Does anyone believe that $5 billion would pay for this wall? Get real. More like $20 to $30 billion if we are lucky.

The Republicans had full control of the House and Senate until Jan. 1, 2019. This was the first two years of the Trump administration.

We're now going into the third year of his term and it's the Democrats’ fault that there is no money for The Wall and the government is shut down?

The Republicans had two full years to get funding for The Wall if it was so important.

Why wait until now, when the Democrats took control of the House to blame them? You also had that much time to repeal and replace “Obama Care.” You were woefully unprepared for that also.

The Republicans, in this case, need to accept responsibility for this mess.

Put the govenrment back to work or should I say pay them for their work.

If someone is not paid for work, they are laid off and can draw unemployment. Why can’t the government force people to work for no pay, while they still have bills to pay themselves.

—Mark Hopster

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