Put blame for gun violence where it belongs

To the editor:

Here we go again. The good and sensible gun owners are getting the rap for another senseless school shooting. Why not put the blame where it belongs? When people use cars and trucks to mass murder people, you never hear angry shouts of people wanting to ban all vehicles. A gun is a vehicle, just like a car.

If you want to spread the blame around, here is a list of the places to start:

• What about the FBI? They got over 20 calls about the suspect and never checked them out.

• They have laws in place to deal with mental cases. Why was there no background check on this person? He should never have been able to purchase a gun.

• How about ourselves and our children? This person was probably an outcast. The kids at school might have bullied him or made fun of him on a daily basis. Kids are very cruel and hateful, and the worst part of it is that we as parents allow and encourage it.

• When are we, as a society, going to take responsibility for mental illness and treat it like cancer or some other disease and try to find a cure for it? Most people don’t get treated for mental illness because of the stigma associated with it. People who get treated for mental illness are treated like lepers.

• What about all the violent movies and all the violent video games. Instead of going after the gun owner, why not go after them. They are the ones filling our heads with all kinds of violence. You say it is their First Amendment, right? Well, the gun owners are supposed to be protected by the Second Amendment, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

Maybe, if we put God back in our school and our lives, the killing would quit.

Maybe, if we were allowed to discipline our children and give them consequences when they do wrong, it might help.

—Bert Hochgesang

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