Public meeting set for county park improvements


BRETZVILLE — A grant for adding campsites, trails and a restroom to Dubois County Park is being pursued.

The Dubois County Park Board is planning to apply for a $250,000 Land and Water Conservation grant from the state. The grant requires a $250,000 match, which the board has in its capital improvements fund.

Project details for the grant application will be finalized at a special public meeting, which will be held at 6 p.m. Monday, May 20, at the 4-H Fairgrounds’ Clover Pavilion building.

If the grant is received, plans call for an additional 17 RV campsites to be added on the south side of the current RV camping site. Based on usage over the years, the park board knows the park has needed more RV campsites for years.

“We are almost always full,” Park board President Christine Prior said Tuesday.

A building will be placed in the southwest corner of the gravel parking lot, near the lake and Our Precious Angels Monument area. It will have restrooms, as well as information about the park.

“The entryway to the trail will be there,” Prior said. “It will have a map of the trails, a map of the park and a seating area.”

The tent camping area will shift a little bit, to put more space between the area and the shelter house. And the area will be more better defined.

“We are going to better define where people should be setting up their tents,” Prior said. “We rarely have large groups, but if we did have a large group wanting to camp and someone is throwing up a camp in the middle of that, it’s not real convenient.”

The trails in the wooded area between the lake and campsites will be extended. One of the trail extensions will run between the tent and RV camping sites. Another will end at the new restroom/public information building near the lake.

“What this trail will do is connect that parking lot there by lake to the camping that is currently there and to the new camping via the trail,” Prior explained.

The board is also looking at energy-conscious features at the facility, such as solar panels on the facility’s roof and locations along the trails where people can recycle items like empty plastic bottles. Also being considered are water fountains that have a lower spout for dogs.

“We want to make sure we are being energy-efficient,” Prior said, “and being kinder to our environment.”

Hafer Associates of Evansville will take care of the design work for the park’s Land and Water Conservation grant application. The Indiana 15 Regional Planning Commission will work with the park board to prepare the application, which is due to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources by June 1.

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