Proposed plant is a destructive pipe dream

To the editor:

On Friday, Jan. 25 I asked Greg Merle, president of Riverview Energy, whether his pipe dream of a toxic coal-to-diesel plant in Dale, Indiana has any financing. His answer was “I’m working on it.”  In other words, NO financing.  But what has his straw-to-gold scheme already cost the people of Dale and the rest of Indiana?

Lincolnland Economic Development Corporation has, at taxpayer expense, bent over backward to court Greg Merle and his cronies. Town and county councils here have wasted time and political capital passing resolutions supporting this plant, usually with no knowledge about it except that Riverview promises money to our area. Our state and national elected officials have come out in support of the plant, even though some admit they know nothing about it.

Riverview has divided our communities, perhaps irreversibly, with a promise of money for a few, with pollution, risk and lower quality of life for the rest of us.

Now we learn Greg Merle is an emperor with no clothes. 

The supporters of Greg Merle’s folly should stop deluding themselves that Riverview will ever benefit our area. We can do better!

—Randy Vaal
Southwestern Indiana Citizens for Quality of Life
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