Proposed diesel refinery will affect all of us

To the editor:

Situated between Denny’s at Dale and the Dale town lake is a 512-acre tract of agricultural land, approximately four times the size of Dale, upon which Riverview Energy plans to construct a coal to diesel refinery.  It won’t be hidden in some out of the way, completely rural area deep in Spencer County.  It is a huge area at the junction of U.S. 231 and Interstate 64.  It will be in-your-face, in-your-lungs, in-your-nose, right there for all to see, hear, smell and experience.  Area folks just don't realize what a monstrosity is planned for our beautiful rural Southern Indiana.

This refinery will release tons of deadly chemicals into the air and will produce a constant smell of rotten eggs which will waft over Dale, Ferdinand, St. Henry, Huntingburg, Jasper, St. Anthony, Schnellville and all the other communities downwind of the refinery.  Your home’s property value will be affected. The refinery will also produce deadly naphtha which will be trucked through the heart of your communities.  

The City of Huntingburg was approached to accept the wastewater from the plant, which would be piped into the Huntingburg City Lake to become drinking water for the citizens of Huntingburg.  Huntingburg’s mayor is considering the proposal.

A courageous group of concerned citizens, including physicians, scientists, engineers, environmentalists and ordinary people, is opposing this refinery and wants you to be informed.  Please visit the website – check out every one of the pages on that site.  It is loaded with facts, figures, pictures, videos, newscasts and includes ways to get involved.  On the website is a picture of a similar plant in China to give you an idea of what would be built. Appeals have been filed against the IDEM air permit.  Like and Follow the group Southwestern Indiana Citizens for Quality of Life on Facebook for the latest updates and photos.  

Don’t think it won’t affect you and your family, your health, the health of your children and grandchildren, your quality of life and your property values.  It will affect ALL of us!

—Sue Krampe

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