Proposed corridor will change the fiber of our communities

To the editor:

As residents of Dubois County, we are facing a potential travesty. Most people are unaware of the routes of the Mid-States Corridor and how they and others will be affected. EVERYONE will have family, neighbors, friends, or themselves impacted. Go to the Mid-States Corridor website, download the high-resolution map (slow download), and zoom in on your area and those you know. You will be shocked. Then fill out the questionnaire on the site — or at least the comment section.

As residents and landowners, we have responsibilities. While on this earth, we are the caretakers and stewards of our lands. We have the responsibility to look out for others and not only ourselves. We have the responsibility to our future generations so they may enjoy and share in the traditions, pride, and heritage of our communities. Once the land is converted from farms, fields, forests, and wetlands, those future generations will be left with only imagining how it was before the concrete was poured. Quality of life isn’t improved by highways replacing serenity.

Our school-age kids are just as aware of the challenges we adults face in terms of pollution, natural resource conservation, wildlife and habitat sustainability, farm and food production, manufacturing needs, transportation, and jobs. They are concerned our earth’s resources will be exhausted and climate change will adversely affect their lives. They are willing to accept a few minutes longer travelling instead of such destruction. We have the opportunity and responsibility to do everything in our power not to allow that to happen.

The Mid-States Corridor will drastically change the fiber of our communities in the county. In addition to hundreds of millions of dollars spent, thousands of acres of forest, wetlands, farmland, homes will be lost forever. It seems that by upgrading existing highways (231, 56, 257, 64, etc) similar results can be achieved.

The comment period for your input ends March 23. You have the responsibility to take action.

—Dennis Wickman

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