Proposed corridor offers growth to area

To the editor:

I propose to the citizens of Dubois County a survey to see how many people are for the Mid-State Corridor and how many are against it. We may be surprised, good or bad, with the results!

If done right, and that will be the key, the corridor's impact to economic growth, new mid-cost housing start ups (which are greatly needed), expanded choices for competitive foods and goods and quality of life will benefit. Yes, with growth comes challenges.

Why do we want to grow?

My opinion, of course, is to bring younger professionals to our community to work, live, play, grow a family, have a quality of life like current residents enjoy, and have the amenities they desire. If not, then we become stagnant and aged or just a tourist place to visit.

Yes, we value what we have, but I think we can share and grow as well.

—Joseph E. Cozza

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