Proposals for old Jasper library being considered

Christine Stephenson/The Herald
Proposals for the old Jasper Public Library are being considered by the Jasper Redevelopment Commission. More information will be presented at the commission's October meeting.

By Herald Staff

JASPER — The Jasper Redevelopment Commission discussed proposals Tuesday for the purchase of the old Jasper Public Library property.

The property, which is bounded by Jackson Street on the east, 11th Street on the south, Main Street on the west and 12th Street on the north, is currently owned by the City of Jasper. The property is located in the Heart of Jasper District, and commission members believe redevelopment of the location will promote additional development in the downtown area.

As of the original July deadline, only one proposal was submitted. By the Tuesday commission meeting, there were three.

The commission declined a proposal for commercial use and voted to further explore the two other proposals for redevelopment of the property into residential use. One proposal is for a higher-scale townhome community, and the other proposal is for the development of single family homes.

One project, presented by developer Ruger Kerstiens, would be comprised of 18 townhomes available for rent. Each townhome would have it’s own look, but would all likely consist of two bedrooms. The parking lot would be behind both of the buildings, keeping the buildings forward facing to Main and Jackson streets. The parking on Main Street would remain as it is today.

The other project, presented by Pfaff Construction, would be called St. Palais Place, honoring the origin of the neighborhood dating back to the mid-1800s when the subdivision was platted by Bishop Maurice de St. Palais. It would consist of six single-family homes: three on Main Street, and three on Jackson Street.

The board will spend the next month further discussing the proposals, and presentations for public consideration will be at the commission’s October meeting.

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