Property owners benefit from purple paint law


INDIANAPOLIS — Property owners can now legally use paint to mark their properties as ‘No trespassing.’

Known as the Purple Paint Law, Gov. Eric Holcomb signed the legislation June 11 and it will go into effect July 1.

Rep. Stephen Bartels, R-Eckerty authored the bill, which passed the Indiana House and Senate this last legislative session.

“Using a purple paint perimeter will make it easier for property owners to prosecute trespassers and minimize their liability,” he said. “This change will also save landowners time and money.”

Landowners can paint vertical purple paint lines on trees and posts to indicate no-trespass zones. Properties with the purples lines will be under the no-trespass law. Anyone caught crossing into the no-trespass area could be subject to prosecution under the law. If the property is marked, the liability on the property owner is minimized if someone illegally enters the property and gets hurt.

With the new law, property owners do not have to worry about making sure no-trespass signs are still up and visible. Landowners have said they have problems with people stealing or taking down signs, and with bad weather destroying signs.

“Property owners have to go out to make sure they are still up and visible,” Bartels said when he proposed the bill in January. “It can be costly and a headache to have to check your property and repost signs.”

Indiana is the 15th state to allow purple paint to mark property lines.

Bartels represents House District 74, which covers Cass, Ferdinand, Jackson, Jefferson and Patoka townships in Dubois County, portions of Spencer and Orange counties and all of Perry and Crawford counties.

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