Progressives have their eyes on our children

To the editor:

Senator Elizebeth Warren told reporters on the second day of presenting the Democratic brief that she cheated on the rule of only water or milk for consumption on the Senate floor. She disguised her yogurt as milk. In a nut shell, this describes the failing of the modern day Democrat Party.

Unlike most of us, we respect the rules, whether they be established by our churches, workplaces, schools or government bodies. Progressive Democrats not only don't follow the rules, but seek to overturn our most fundamental rules of law — the U.S. Constitution.

These Democrat candidates have their eyes on our guns. They have their eyes on our Bibles. They have their eyes on our wallets. They even have their eyes on our children.

Have you heard these candidates talk about our children? They want to give people the unlimited right to an abortion, right up to the moment of delivery, and are suggesting infanticide for botched abortions. They are advocating for free daycare for infants. They want to educate your children from preschool through college where they can inculcate our young with their progressive, socialists/communist ideas.

Progressive are intent on taking most of our money so that they can give us all free stuff, whether we want it or not. They are going to raise our taxes, impose a wealth tax and tax anything that moves.

Have you seen how these Progressives talk about religion? They want to eliminate religious liberty. Will Christians become the new Chinese Uyghur Muslims who  locked up more than a million members in re-education camps? The Chinese only allow official state churches and remove their crosses, replacing them with pictures of their leader.

Have you seen what's going on in Virginia? Progressive officials are methodically restricting gun rights and taking guns away from law abiding citizens. Do you not think the Progressive candidates won't take your guns? That's the very first things tyrants do so you can't resist their oppression.

Are you going to let them do that to you and your family? What are you going to do about it? 

—Michael Lewinski

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