Produce wanted for fest event

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ZOAR — The 46th annual Zoar Mosquito Fest will feature a farm and garden produce show. Entries should be brought to the basement of the church from 9 to 11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 4.

The farm categories are soybean (one plant) and corn (one stalk). Entries should be labeled with the variety and the planting date, with the roots wrapped in a plastic garbage bag.

Garden categories are green beans (10 pods), beets (three with 1-inch tops), broccoli (one head), cabbage (one head), carrots (five with 1-inch tops), cauliflower (one head), sweet corn (three ears), cucumbers (three), eggplant (one), cantaloupe (one), watermelon (one), okra (five pods), potatoes (five), onions (three), peppers (any kind, three), pumpkin (one), sweet potatoes (three), squash including zucchini (one), tomatoes (three), turnips (three) and other.

There is a separate category for fresh, dried and other herbs.

The exhibited items should be of consistent size. All items must be placed on a paper plate and properly labeled.

For more information, call 812-536-2635.

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