Primary features various ballots, few races

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The primary election is Tuesday, and there are contested races on both the Democrat and Republican ballot.

But not every voter will see the same ballot.

How a voter’s ballot will look will depend on which township, county council district, state senate district and state representative district in which the voter lives.

County Clerk Bridgette Jarboe said Dubois County has 83 different ballots for this election. Each of the 40 precincts in Dubois County has a Republican and a Democratic ballot. And the combination of names on the ballots differs, depending on which districts the precinct lies.

Three precincts will have a third ballot that includes the Democratic committeemen whose terms expire this spring. The separate ballot is needed because, by law, a 17-year-old who is registered to vote cannot cast a ballot in a spring race in which someone is being elected, like a committeeman. So the 17-year-old will receive a ballot that does not include the committeeman race.

The majority of Tuesday’s ballot will be filled with uncontested races. But some voters will have to make a decision in some races.

On the Democratic ticket, voters will nominate either current councilwoman Barbara Mathies or challenger Nancy Wilson as their candidate for the District 3 county council seat. In Marion Township, voters will choose between former trustee Clarence Reckelhoff and current trustee Bradley Terwiske — though Terwiske is asking that people vote for Reckelhoff. Terwiske does not want the position, he said. Had he known Reckelhoff was going to run for the seat, he would have never filed, he said. But Terwiske didn’t learn of Reckelhoff’s intentions until after the deadline to withdraw his name, he said.

The Republican slate includes four contested primary races. Incumbent Larry Bucshon and challenger Andrew McNeil is vying for the party’s District 8 U.S. representative nomination. Erin Houchin and Tad Whitis each hope to win the nomination for the District 47 state senate seat. Mark Messmer and Ted Metzger are facing off the for District 48 state senate nomination. And Mark Braun and Richard Moss each hope voters select him as the Republican candidate for the District 63 state representative seat.

For Tuesday’s primary, the polling places will open at 6 a.m. and close at 6 p.m. All voters must show photo identification, like a driver’s license, before casting their ballots.

A list of uncontested races can be found by clicking here.

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