Prep Pulse: Trevor Seufert


A Q&A with Northeast Dubois senior boys basketball player Trevor Seufert.

Nickname: Q-Tip.

Best thing about the school year: Being with friends.

Who on your team cracks you up and why: Ethan Ziegler, his jokes are funny.

Complete the sentence: I could binge watch The Office for hours on end.

What teacher has had the greatest impact on your life, and why: Mrs. Hopf, she has done a good job of preparing me for college.

What’s the best emoji: The laughing face emoji.

Favorite type of donut: Glazed.

One thing you do that puts you in your coach’s doghouse: Turning the ball over.

People would be surprised to know what about you: I’m good at math.

Who do you consider to be your heroes: My mom and dad.

Physical feature that makes you unique: My red hair.

Oddest piece of trivia that you know: One inch of rain is equal to ten inches of snow.

I hate to admit it, but my parents are right about: Me needing to fill out more scholarships.

Complete the sentence: I’m going on a road trip and I’m going to Miami and I’m taking these people along for the ride: Logan Dodd, Marshall Knies, Matthew Jacob, Travis Verkamp, Jackson Brosmer and Malachi Baumeister.

No matter what, my friends can always cheer me up.

I spend far too much money on: food.

You scream at the TV when: The Chicago Bears are losing.

Something you really wish you knew how to do: Build a house.

What are some things on your bucket list: Scuba dive, go to another country, go to the Super Bowl.

Best concert you’ve attended: I’ve never attended a concert.

Who’s the smartest person on your team: Logan Dodd.

If you cut the cord but could keep three stations, what would they be: ESPN, FX, Discovery Channel.

Best athlete from another school you’ve faced: Blake Sisley (Heritage Hills).

Song in your music collection that’s played the most: “Life Changes” by Thomas Rhett

Business you’d like to add to your hometown: Golden Corral.

Favorite former athlete from your school: Tyler Haas.

Strawberry jelly or grape jelly: Grape jelly.

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