Prep Pulse: Jack Patmore


A Q&A with Heritage Hills senior swimmer Jack Patmore.

Best thing about the start of the school year: Getting to see everyone again

What teacher has had the greatest impact on your life and why: Elisa Peters, because she’s caring and encourages me to my full potential

What’s the best emoji: Mind blown

Favorite type of donut: Custard-filled chocolate Longjohn

People would be surprised to know what about you: That my real name is Jonathon

Physical feature that makes you unique: My bushy eyebrows

Oddest piece of trivia that you know: A beaver could swim 16 laps in an Olympic-size pool without taking a breath

I spend far too much money on: Shoes and music

You scream at the TV when: There’s a bad call in a sports game

Something you really wish you knew how to do: Play guitar

What are some things on your bucket list: Go skydiving, get more tattoos, go to Australia

Would would your professional wrestler name be: Jackhammer

Best concert you’ve attended: Darius Rucker

Who’s the smartest person on your team: Ethan Roos

Favorite card game: Poker

The best cure for senioritis is: Looking forward to what’s to come

Song in your music collection that’s played the most: “Thunder” by Imagine Dragons

Favorite character from Sesame Street: Cookie Monster

Business you’d like to add to your hometown: Chick-Fil-A

What’s your dream job: An orthopedic surgeon

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