Prep Pulse: Dugan Kippenbrock



Nicknames: Kippy, Doug, Big Doug, Dirty Doug, Kip, Lil Kip

One thing you do that puts you in coach’s doghouse? hitting balls in the woods on purpose

Who on your team spices up long, boring bus trips? Tyler Waggoner; he’s crazy.

Everyone has a weird recurring dream — what’s yours? being locked in the refrigerator by Derek (my brother) and the devil

What teacher has had the greatest impact on your life? Meg Johnson

Favorite breakfast cereal? Froot Loops

You are really obsessive about: messing with people

How have you changed since freshman year? confidence

Best meal you make: homemade pizza

Favorite late-night snack? ice cream

One thing about your sport people don’t realize or appreciate? You gotta have good aim.

Complete the sentence: I have stupid down to a science.

Sporting event you’re dying to see? St. Louis Cardinals championship Game 7

What actor would play you in a movie about your life? Will Ferrell

Household chore you’d pay someone else to do: all of them!

If you could change your name to anything, what would it be? Zebulon

Favorite teacher you’ve ever had? Matt Thompson; good life lessons

What’s on your bucket list? skydiving, cliff jumping

Most embarrassing song on your iPod? “Leroy the Redneck Reindeer”

Physical feature that makes you unique: hair cowlick

What’s your biggest accomplishment so far, in life or athletics? learning how to talk to girls

Worst job you’ve ever had? working on the farm

I could waste hours upon end: sleeping

What sports story are you most sick of hearing about? A-Rod on steriods

Favorite toy when you were a kid? a stick

Favorite article of clothing? gray Cardinals shirt

People say you look like: my cousin Ross

If you had one do-over in life, what would it be? not quitting football and basketball

Athlete you’d like to go one-on-one against? Rafael Nadal

Biggest pet peeve about other drivers? driving under the speed limit

What do you look like in your most embarrassing childhood photo? fat with a big red birthmark in the center of my head and a dork face

People would be surprised to know what about you? I’m really not actually stupid

Favorite former athlete from your school? Ken Dilger

Strawberry jelly or grape jelly? strawberry

Toilet paper under the roll, or over? over

Paoli Peaks or Patoka Lake? Patoka Lake

College football or pro football? pro football

Math homework or English homework? math

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