Prep Pulse: Chloe Dilger



Nicknames: Chlo, Chlobird

What was your highlight of the summer? being with my friends and family

One thing you do that puts you in coach’s doghouse? not talking enough on the court

Who on your team spices up long, boring bus trips? Our bus rides are pretty calm, but Devin Schaefer and Lydia Lange are hilarious together.

Everyone has a weird recurring dream — what’s yours? being kidnapped and not being able to run away

What teacher has had the greatest impact on your life? my mom, Kristy Dilger

Favorite breakfast cereal? Fruity Pebbles

What’s your coach’s most famous saying? “Off your knees!”

You are really obsessive about: staying organized

How have you changed since freshman year? I’ve become more responsible.

Best meal you make: spaghetti

Favorite late-night snack? popcorn

One thing about your sport people don’t realize or appreciate? how much of a team sport volleyball is

Complete the sentence: I have shopping down to a science.

Sporting event you’re dying to see? summer Olympics

Household chore you’d pay someone else to do: dust

If you could change your name to anything, what would it be? I wouldn’t change it; I like my name

Favorite teacher you’ve ever had? Mrs. Emily Hauser for Spanish; she is always so encouraging

What’s on your bucket list? travel to the Caribbean islands

What’s your guilty pleasure? sour gummy worms

Physical feature that makes you unique? my dark complexion

What’s your biggest accomplishment so far, in life or athletics? back-to-back dance team state champions

I could waste hours upon end: on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

Favorite toy when you were a kid? my baby doll

Favorite article of clothing? any comfy sweatshirt

People say you look like: my dad

What’s a fear that you’ve overcome? fire

If you had one do-over in life, what would it be? not falling over the hurdle during warmup at the Forest Park Invitational

Biggest pet peeve about other drivers? driving too slow

What do you look like in your most embarrassing childhood photo? chubby cheeks with a bowl cut

People would be surprised to know what about you? I had febrile seizures when I was little.

Favorite former athlete from your school? Adi Dilger

Strawberry jelly or grape jelly? my nana’s strawberry jam

Toilet paper under the roll, or over? under

Paoli Peaks or Patoka Lake? Patoka Lake

College football or pro football? college football

Math homework or English homework? English

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