Pray for the people of Afghanistan

To the editor:

"We are a weak country now because we're woke country," said the man who killed Osama bin Laden. Contrast this with the man who screwed up our economy because we are suffering from a shortage of jobs not being filled because the 'pretender' pays more money to stay on the couch than to go back to work, and also with a higher dose of inflation. The man who failed us at our Southern border with his open borders policies. The man who bungled the withdraw from Afghanistan and turned it into a route.

This debacle is in our face and it is available to all the world to see. On our Southern border terrorists have a pathway into our country and America is more vulnerable than ever before. We have to wonder how many more Americans are going to be murdered on American soil.

Because of weak leadership, we lost the war in Afghanistan, just like we lost the war in Vietnam. Weak politicians of all stripes and overzealous media condemned our efforts in both wars.

We have all seen the pictures on the TV; Afganies running with a plane going down the runway, babies and children being handed over the barbwire-topped wall to Marines who were pulling them to safety, and many more heart-wrenching pictures flashing across the screens. We must pray for these poor souls who are going to be subjected to the brutality the Taliban is going to inflict on the women and girls. Pray for the men and women who worked with us and now are being murdered.

We must also pray that the good, patriotic Americans go to the polls next year and throw out of office the Progressives who brought all of this trouble to us. We must do our part at the polls. We must help them with money, passing out literature and planting yard signs. We must tell our neighbors, friends, co-workers, family members and church family to do the same.

— Michael Lewinski

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