Praise the Lord

To the editor:

Trump won by a lot in Arizona! This was revealed in an Arizona hearing the week of 07/18/21. "Sure enough, the auditors testifying in Arizona pretty much nuked Joe Biden, the Democrat Party, and the Maricopa County elections officials from orbit. Based on what the auditors said under oath, we can now say conclusively that Donald Trump won the State of Arizona in the 2020 election."

Dominion lied to us about their machines not being hooked up to the internet. The forensic auditors proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was connected to the internet.

It looks like Dominion has lied to the American people about this as a factual matter. Any state that used Dominion voting machines should now be subjected to a full forensic audit of those machines. Period!

"Next, multiple ballot boxes were discovered with duplicate ballots. The way the auditors discovered this was because there were many, many ballots that were printed on the wrong paper stock — and whoever falsely filled out those ballots did, in fact, fill them out with a Sharpie marker.... The marker's ink easily bled through the incorrect paper stock, which allowed them to quickly identify the duplicate ballots. The auditors did not give an exact number for the total amount of duplicate ballots they found, however.

As soon as Arizona and Georgia, the other state that reported a fraudulent election, decertify the pretender's electoral college votes that add up to 27 electoral votes, President Trump is only 10 electoral votes away from being re-elected. Goodbye and good riddance, Joe Biden!

This is the greatest news we could ever get. The Pretender President and Vice President will be gone. With the next election, the evil Progressives will be gone and we can make America great again for the second time. With Dominion having been shown to cheat, every state using those machines need a full forensic audit.

Praise the Lord for our deliverance! We must become a people deserving of such a gift from God If we repent. He will heal our land.

—Michael Lewinski

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