Pope Francis is focusing on the right things

To the editor:

Thank you, Pope Francis! I have felt for a long time that the Catholic Church was so focused on abortion that it forgot that:

Ӣ The poor in the U.S. work for minimum wages that are the lowest in developed countries.
Health care ought to be a right in this country, not a privilege.

Ӣ Immigration Reform is overdue. We need to welcome our new residents and give them a path to citizenship.

”¢ We shouldn’t let our government cut the food stamp program while giving the large corporations tax breaks.

And the list goes on.

If you are a Christian and read the Bible, you know that it teaches you to help the poor. I don’t recall that it encourages help for the rich over the poor.

By focusing on the unborn, the church has forgotten the living. Ever wonder why the parking lots are looking empty on Sundays? Maybe Pope Francis gives us a chance to make the church relevant again in today’s world.

—Dan Mundy

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