Poodle’s business on commissioners' agenda

Photo courtesy Janalyn Oster

From local sources

A Huntingburg resident and her dog appeared before the Dubois County Commissioners on Monday after receiving a letter from the county attorney in June asking her to stop allowing her dog to go to the bathroom on the courthouse lawn.

Janalyn Oster brings her Pekingese-poodle crossbreed puppy, Snicker Doodle, with her to her work every day at Procol, a collections agency on the Jasper Square. She said she allows Snicker Doodle to go to the bathroom on the southeast corner of the courthouse lawn because it is the only green space on the Square. Oster noted she always cleans up after her puppy.

The commissioners said they have received complaints from residents about the matter, though the county custodian has not relayed any concerns.

Oster said she has cleaned up after other dogs and picked up trash from the lawn. She suggested the commissioners create an ordinance if they wish to ban dogs on the courthouse property. The commissioners took the matter under advisement and said they will consider creating an ordinance.

Three of Oster’s family members and five of her co-workers from the Procol office, including owner Tom Birk, attended in support of Oster and Snicker Doodle.

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