Politicians and business owners — are you listening?

To the editor:

In regards to the Mid-States Corridor project, I’ve been trying my best to be informed and attempt to keep my personal emotions from clouding my best judgment. Yes, my family’s property is at stake, but am I being selfish? Am I considering only my wants and needs before the betterment of all in Southern Indiana?

Upon voicing my opinions and feelings on the project and its impacts on me personally, I have noticed that MANY people — in fact, almost everyone I have talked to — is against the Mid-States Corridor project. Some have never heard of it! On social media, many are very vocal in their opposition with few voicing approval. Even people who personally have nothing at stake are taking a strong stance against this project. To me, this speaks volumes. Politicians and business owners — are you listening? Or does your own personal gain trump the potential losses of many of your friends, constituents, and employees?

Research I have come across online suggests that the cost of developing highway infrastructure oftentimes exceeds any financial gain achieved in building it. This is my and many others’ concern, especially with more and more aspects of life being online. It seems a better investment here is to first improve the technology in this area, including internet and cellular phone coverage, and make improvements to existing roads. With the price of building the Corridor estimating to be between approximately $7 million (Super 2), $8-13 million (Expressway) and $11-19 million (Freeway) PER MILE, the loss of hundreds of peoples’ property, homes, and farms, and the economic uncertainty, wouldn’t erring on the side of being fiscally conservative be the wisest option?

Caroline Kennedy is quoted: “As much as we need a prosperous economy, we also need a prosperity of decency and kindness”.

At this end, let’s also err on the side of human decency and allow preservation of as much property and land as possible, not only for our fellow mankind, but also all the animals that call this area home. So, now I ask, who is being selfish?

—Jaima Voegerl

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