Police warn of rash of counterfeit bills in Jasper


JASPER — The Jasper Police Department is warning the public that counterfeit money is in circulation in the community.

Police report receiving several recent complaints of counterfeit money being used as payment at several different businesses in Jasper. The denominations range from $100 to $5.

“We ask that you be cognitive of the currency that you accept for payment and any currency received as change,” police say in a media release.

Authorities have said that counterfeit bills might look okay with a cursory glance but a closer inspection could reveal abnormalities such as darker ink or anti-counterfeit watermark features that aren’t present.

The federal government says a genuine note’s paper should feel slightly rough to the touch as a result of the printing process and the unique composition of the paper. Notes $10 and higher have color-shifting ink in the numeral on the lower right corner, according to UScurrency.gov. The color should change from copper to green on current notes. New $100 bills have color-shifting ink on a Liberty Bell and images of the bell and number 100 in a tiny security ribbon that shift when the bill is tilted.

Holding genuine currency in denominations $5 and higher to the light should show a watermark and security thread. Those features should be visible from both sides of the note. For denominations $10 and higher, the watermark matches the president’s picture on the bill. The most recent $5 note has two watermarks, both of the numeral 5.

The security thread on U.S. bills is in a different location for each denomination and glows a unique color when exposed to UV light.

Anyone receiving counterfeit money is asked to contact Jasper police at 812-482-2255 or their local law enforcement agency.

Police ask anyone with information regarding who is making or bringing the bogus currency into the community call Jasper police at 812-482-2255 or the department’s anonymous tip line: 812-481-COPS (2677).

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