Police warn of jury duty scam

From Local Sources

The Dubois County Sheriff’s Department is warning the public of a new, localized version of the jury duty scam.

Law enforcement took a report on the scam Wednesday night.

The victim thought the Dubois County Courthouse was contacting them to advise they were at fault for not appearing for jury duty. The caller advised the victim they could pay a fine over the phone using a prepaid card.

The sheriff’s department said the most convincing element of the scam was that the caller ID indicated the call was the Dubois County Courthouse. It seems the scammer spoofed/copied the courthouse phone number to use in the scam.

Ultimately, according to the sheriff’s department, the victim paid the scammer over the phone. This money will most likely never be returned.

The sheriff’s department would like to warn the public that scammers are getting clever and becoming more dangerous.

“Please remember that no government agency will demand collection of money over the phone, threaten incarceration for non-payment or tell you that they will send the police to your home to arrest you if you do not make immediate payment over the phone,” a sheriff’s department media release states. “When in doubt, hang up and contact your local law enforcement agency. The sad truth of this matter is, if you fall victim to these scammers, there is little hope that your money will be recovered.”

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