Plumbing and building materials plant to close

By The Associated Press

FORT WAYNE — A plumbing and building materials manufacturer is closing its Fort Wayne plant, costing 116 northeastern Indiana workers their jobs.

Davison, Michigan-based Genova Products Inc. said it will cease operations on or before Feb. 10 at the plant, according to a required notice sent last week to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry.

That Jan. 28 notice states that the company expects the closure to be permanent and that it will lead to the end of all of the plant's operations and the "termination of all employees,” The Journal Gazette reported.

Genova Products'' letter states that it had faced “various economic challenges” over the past several months and that the company's lender called its loan and denied additional funding.

The company bills itself on its website as one of the world's largest makers of “vinyl plumbing, producing whole-house plumbing pipe and fittings from the well or water line to the sewer or septic system.”

Genova's product line-up also includes gutters, fencing, railing and deck flooring.

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