Plant closes doors but jobs remain

From local sources

ST. ANTHONY — The Othmar Klem Furniture Plant at 4582 S. Cross St. in St. Anthony will soon close its doors.

Jasper Group President Mike Elliott announced this week that all 112 employees at the plant will be remain with the company. The 92 production workers will move with Klem’s hotel furniture operation to the company’s 12th Street Jofco facility in Jasper. Project managers and engineers will be moved to the Clay Street headquarters, also in Jasper.

The move was announced at both plants Wednesday morning and is expected to take three to six months to complete.

“The St. Anthony plant was maxed out,” Elliott said this morning. “This is not downsizing. It’s actually upsizing.”

By moving out of an inefficient St. Anthony plant, Klem can better meet demand for its products, Elliott said.

Production for several Jofco employees will eventually be moved to a Sixth Street plant in Jasper.

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